I grew up in a family where all family members are aerial photographers. As a child I sat in the back of my parents’ plane, watching them shooting photographs. We often flew for hours circling around one specific location, on different heights, zooming in and zooming out, documenting it from changing perspectives.

My own investigative and site specific way of working probably has its roots there in my youth.

In my life and work I am fascinated by our human presence and how it is visible in everything around us. Observing our relationships with our surroundings especially our patterns and traces in relation to time, space and identity. In this I am asking questions like: Why are we drawn to certain places over the centuries? What is eternal? And how is this visible?

My projects emerge from working periods around specific locations, often places where nature and city intertwine. Adopting them as a temporary home and studio I collect materials for a period of time. In a later stage I make an installation or publication. 

The past years I have been working on a project around sacred mountains in Europe and Asia. Searching for stilness in contrast to my busy and chaotic life in the city. Currently I’m working on the book which will hopefully be released end 2018.